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This Spanking Page is for knickers-spanking and panties-spanking, which essentially includes caning, too, doesn't it?!!
Also the necessary implements used for 'discipline and underwear'.

Our first
picture is of Sam.  He was ordered to undress to his knickers (my knickers), and wait at the punishment corner for the inevitable punishment for stealing my knickers - again!
Those clenched hands and taut cane reveal the real fear and tension ------- !


This is part of a collection of punishment implements that belonged to a friend who was moving house in 2003, and he needed a home for them.  There were also paddles and many other 'swishy and thwacky things' that can be thrilling, or otherwise!
So, on impulse, I laid out this part of his collection on the car, and took some photos.  And what a useful photo this turned out to be.
Oh, and I know that many of the implements have been put to good use ever since! 


Here is a little 'story' as a break from pictures for you!
I thought it was rather clever, and thought-provoking, too.
As it required very little editing I decided to share it with visitors to this part of the site.

Deep in the forest!   By A.H.

It began life in a tropical jungle; a tiny green shoot in a clump of similar shoots.  Nourished by the rich soil, and with a copious supply of rain, it grew fast.  In a few days it was a foot high, looking like a stem of coarse grass.  After a few weeks it was higher than a man, and the thickness of a man's finger.  After a few more weeks, it was fully mature and turning the colour of straw.
Then the farmers arrived, cutting the stems at ground level with razor-sharp, sword-like pangas, and bundling them up, to be carried to the nearby river.  Once there, the bundles of stems were taken in small boats downstream to the port, where they were purchased by a dealer.  He sorted them by size and made them up into larger bundles, and when he had a sufficiently large stock, they were shipped to London, or Tilbury.
Once in England, the bundles of stems were purchased by specialist manufacturers, located close to the docks.  The best specimens, straight and uniform in section, were selected from the bundles.  Skilled workmen carefully removed the rough outside bark and sandpapered the stems until they were smooth and even.  Then they were steamed until one end could be easily bent into a circular arc.  Once formed, the crooked end was held in a clamp until it was completely dry.
Now with a crooked, or curved handle, and a diameter of about three-eighths of an inch, the stem is ready to be cut to a convenient length of about three feet.  After carefully smoothing the cut end, the craftsmen applies several coats of varnish to produce a fine gloss finish.  Now our stem of grass is an artefact and is ready for sale, so it is placed with many others in the storeroom of the manufacturer.
When we next see our artefact, it is hanging on the back of a door of a school-mistress's study.  The school-mistress is interviewing a trembling schoolgirl who stands before her desk.  Soon the interview is over and the schoolgirl walks across the room to a chair.  She bends forward over the chair, gripping the edges of the seat tightly.  The school-mistress walks over to the schoolgirl.  She folds back the girl's gymslip, revealing her navy-blue knickers, whose long, elasticated legs modestly cover her black-stockinged thighs.
Next she takes the cane from its hook and swishes it.  The schoolgirl trembles in fearful anticipation of what is to come.  The school-mistress places herself behind and to one side of the bending girl.  She lays the cane across the centre of the girl’s knickered bottom, and adjusts her position slightly until she is satisfied that the cane will make contact with equal force across the whole width of the girl’s twitching bottom.
She balances herself comfortably, and raises the cane.  Then, with well-practiced precision she swings it forcefully until it strikes home with a sharp crack.  Now the cane has met its destiny.  Fully grown and matured, it has become an instrument of correction, capable of administering the most intense pain, in order to help a wayward girl to change her behaviour.  Truly we may say this is a miracle of nature.  A mere six strokes with what was once a stem of grass, and the girl is sobbing her eyes out, rubbing her poor, knickered bottom, and is sincerely repentant for her offence.
Very soon the girl is back in the privacy of her bedroom.  She has lowered her knickers down to her stocking-tops and she is gazing at her rounded bottom in awe, and marvelling at the raised, red wheals so easily created by that ‘stem of grass’.  “The cane, the cane,” she murmurs to herself as her hot arousal begins its inevitable path to pleasure!


This is just a start, folks, so don't get your knickers in a twist, OR ELSE!!

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