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In December, a friend phoned me, and he was almost 'drooling' when he said, "OOOH, THIS WILL SOON BE A WONDERFUL, NEW, KNICKERS PAGE"!
Well, after an unexpected delay, the site is moving slowly ahead again.  Please enjoy everything, folks.



 For your interest, the small Logo Image on the Official Site Heading, above, came from this larger picture!

This original, larger picture was extracted from a secretly-filmed, home video that was wastaken by a close friend while I was struggling to carry something heavy on a very breezy day in 2009. ('Some friend', letting me struggle while he simply peeped and filmed! - 'Grrrrrr'!)
In the eighties and nineties these lovely, expensive, nylon panties were listed in my Knickers List as SP Panties. They were available only in white. However, as my panties became a bit ‘off-white’ through natural wearing and washing I dyed them that lovely ‘cerise pink’ colour, along with several other old knickers that were also becoming a bit off-white! Several photos of those cerise knickers exist, and most of the photos were taken by various friends and visitors who somehow seemed to have been lurking about when my knickers were on the line, or otherwise exposed to their crafty cameras! Once I have learned to operate my expensive, new Scanner/Copier/Printer Machine (a Develop INEO 164), I expect to scan in some of those photos, and also many other photos to put on this site for you all.



And here is photo that someone took of my exposed knickers in the Summer of 2003.  I was holding my skirt up to avoid the wet, green paint whilst accessing an attic via the steep, creaking ladder provided.
I had assumed that my petticoat was covering my dyed-cerise knickers, but in the tight squeeze going up, I was apparently wrong, and here you can see the result!  (blush!).


To answer a question from one of my regular underwear-correspondents, here is a new knickers-photo.
It was taken today (Dec 14th) to show him, and you, that there are two pairs of those lovely dyed-cerise knickers still in good condition after all these years of wearing, washing and sometimes ironing for special occasions!
Here they are laid on the brand-new photocopy machine, but there are more photos taken today, to be put on the site when time allows. 


Here's another photo to show you that there are two pairs of my dyed-cerise knickers, and here they are earlier this week.  It was whilst I was enjoying a bowl of delicious fruit and porrige that I saw that some of my knickers, and various other underwear laying on the table, were clearly begging for a photo.  They were, weren't they?!
The bowl was supposed to add 'character' and the feel of 'domestic bliss', but I'm not sure now!  Anyway, it's all good fun, isn't it?



This 'knickers-view' is typical of the displays shown by various, mature-aged ladies who, over the years, came in for an hour or two each day to help me to maintain my corsetry and underwear rooms.  From the plush carpets they gathered up material off-cuts, old suspenders, bits of cotton, discarded corsetry and knickers packages and suchlike, before using the vacuum cleaner.
Then, on her hands and knees, throughout the house she meticulously scrubbed or polished the floors and stairs, most of the time exchanging 'knickery' stories and jokes with any corsetry and underwear client who happened to be enjoying a visit to her 'fun and friendly' corsetiere!
Whilst she worked her short skirt or apron naturally 'rode up' as she expected (hoped!), and there was increasingly more knicker-leg elastic showing below it, and often much more was 'accidentally' exposed for all to enjoy.
Women, and the occasional male caller, were all affected by the wonderfully feminine atmosphere permeating the house, and while she waited for her corsetry-alterations, many a woman enjoyed walking about the rooms with just her underskirt or petticoat over her more intimate underwear.  Some mature-aged women took the opportunity to discard her underskirt and petticoat, too, and enjoy the sensual, vibrant atmosphere to the full.  The opportunity to walk about in her knickers might well be unattainable in her own family home, and many women longed for such freedoms in a very understanding situation.
Any lucky husband who arrived early to collect his wife after her corsetry and underwear fitting was greeted in a soft-toned, friendly manner, and if he agreed to leave his shoes by the entrance door, he was welcome to relax and read the underwear catalogues.   From an inconspicuous seat in the corner, many an underwear-loving man is known to have enjoyed an hour's wait for his wife, and many an understanding woman is known to have enjoyed teasing him to distraction, too!
Using her carefully planned ideas a woman's wicked wiles were in full swing when she walks through the room pretending to be unaware of his lustful eyes on her lovely brassiere, her long, stockinged legs and traditional knickers.  Naturally, she is fully aware how much he is enjoying his trembling pleasure, and her own, very secret pleasures are similarly enjoyed.
The old picture above seems to depict a pair of cream-coloured, stretch-nylon knickers, and looking at them reminds me that I have just a few dozen similar, exciting knickers remaining in stock.  They are in the colours shown in the new photos below.


For all you lucky lovers of 1960's-style stretch-nylon knickers, I have just purchased the last consignment of these knickers (see a photo of some sample packs above), and they are now no longer available from the factory.
As you may see from the sample packs above, they are mostly white knickers, but there are a few dozen sky-blue ones, and a few dozen deep-pink ones, too.
I don’t have any other colours left, but for your interest, from the early sixties through the seventies, women went particularly crazy over the lemon-coloured knickers, with the sky-blue ones generally our second choice.  In the summer we secretly loved to see the hint of yellow or sky-blue knickers showing through under our thin, summer dresses, but of course we would seldom admit that in company!
A favourite feature is their nice, tunnelled waist-elastic, whilst their short, sexy knicker-legs end in lightly-elasticated lace, as seen in the photos.  The lace varies a little from knickers to knickers.
These lovely knickers have no side seams, and no back and front seams except around their knicker-gusset area.
As they are so excitingly stretchy you will have fun trying to choose which is the front of these knickers, and they cling really deliciously.
Finally, I can warn you that if you wear them with stockings and suspenders, their neat, lacy knicker-leg elastics look very sexy where they cling to your stocking-tops, and they may perhaps show just a teasing glimpse of bare thigh, too!
Annette’s Knickers Main Website lists the above, Stretch-Nylon Knickers as



Below are a few pictures of Stretch-nylon Panties (these were all sold out long ago), but they will be described sometime later.

This website programme is very limited in picture size, and annoyingly, it chops off my knickers pictures.
But please be patient as a new and better programme is coming soon.


It was mentioned earlier about some of my knickers and panties that were dyed cerise-pink.
Well, here is a photo showing a pair of very full-fitting pink panties from back then.  Having once been a very washed-out pair of cream panties, they went into the dyeing process and came out this lovely shade of cerise pink!
I will tell you about the corselette when time permits.



This is a 'stolen' photo of a certain, local lady's knickers hanging inside-out on her clothesline.  She had just draped her knickers over the line to drip-dry before later arranging and properly pinning them to the line to dry, and then she dashed indoors to answer the 'phone.
The lucky photographer was quick with his camera, wasn't he?!



As people visiting my new pictures-site have responded warmly to the earlier mentions about dyeing knickers, this picture seems to be topical.
Back in September, one of my local ladies was asking me about colour-dyeing her good-quality, 'washed-out' knickers, and I took this photo for her to take home as an example of how different underwear materials dye into different shades of the colour dyed.
This is yet another pair of my former 'SP Panties' that were 'washed-out', and long ago I had dyed them Peach.  The nylon of the panties came out much paler than their soft cotton pantie-gusset, and the seams of the pantie-gusset came out almost white, as did some of the stitching in their waist-elastic.  Viewed together, all this resulted in a very attractive pair of panties unique in this world!  During the several years since they were dyed, these panties once again became 'washed-out', hence in the above-photo they do look ready for another dying!
I wonder what colour I should next dye these lovely old panties!  Could somebody give it some thought for me?!




A new picture today, showing a small sample of my underwear dyes, PLUS something else that may be of interest!
Yes, you noticed!
As you see, the picture shows another example of how, within the same dyeing process, the soft cotton pantie-gusset dyes to a different shade of colour to the panties.  When dyeing knickers I never know what strange colours I will be presented with until the knickers are drying on the line, but that all adds to the fun of colour-dyeing knickers.
The colour of the panties in the picture is actually cerise, but the maker's reference is 'Rose of Paris'.
Haven't they have done incredibly well for panties that have given at least twenty years' faithful service!
A credit to the good quality of beautiful knickers and other quality underwear supplied by 'Annette's-Knickers' over many years?  Well, I think so!



Up to the hill and down in the dale,
Johnny will find the soft knickers sale.

Her knickers are off and now on the site.
Fresh knickers she's wearing, so soft and white! 

Her pants on the clothesline, (he's on the hook).
'Behave yourself and go have a look'.



As it is often said, "Idle fingers always find something to do ----- ", and I am seldom safe from fun and interesting surprises from my 'naughty but nice' friends, especially with the camera always at hand!
Well, on the occasion of the above photo, we were returning home on a very stormy night when we became stuck in a road-works traffic jam.  My mischievous friend was sitting, idle, in the passenger seat, and "just wondering", as he murmured at the time!  So, in the pitch dark, he held the camera in my direction and then pointed it downwards at my legs, and this picture is what the camera flashed up!
It is completely un-posed, as you might imagine, and the picture turned out quite clearly, didn't it?
Most of the steering wheel is cropped off this photo in order to fit the photo onto this page.
(The new website, already purchased, will allow much larger photos, so please be patient.)



Please remember that this Pictures Site is new, and continuously under development.
Hopefully you will enjoy watching it grow over the next few months.
Amongst many other subjects, pages of 'Nice Men enjoying Ladies Knickers' is planned, so if anyone would like to contribute a photo or more, please send me a sample in an email.

 Jan 26th.


Apologies for the delay in continuing with these knickers pages.

Unforseen circumstances cropped up.

Just getting back to normal after a difficult time for over a month
since Dec 22nd!

Now learning to efficiently build this site all over again!

Watch out for lots of big changes taking place for the better.


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