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en enjoying ladies' knickers.
Here are a few pictures of men enjoying ladies knickers.
This selection shown below is just a start, and is expected to evolve into many dedicated pages of nice men enjoying knickers in various ways.

As there are quite a lot of women of all ages who look through these pages, the photos may not be 'too' exposed, but we shall see!  After all, the love of knickers is very natural amongst people.
All sexually-aware women understand the love of knickers very much.
However, it is also true that most women usually feel it is prudent to deny this fact in most mixed company!
Oh well, let's see where it all leads.  How about a separate page for more explicit photos, with a suitable warning at the beginning?
Please send me your bright ideas, opinions and requests.

All of you can contribute with ideas, photos etc, and help me to add some knickers fun for all, nice, underwear-loving people to enjoy.

Shall we give these pages a blue theme?  The Blue Pictures?
OK.  Let's remain with this nice blue colour font.


Nice men enjoying ladies knickers.

Introducing KM's photos.
KM loves to wear ladies' directoire knickers, full-fitting panties, suspender belts with lots of strong suspenders, nice stockings, and nice, traditional brassieres.  Well, in fact, all of the lovely, intimate underwear that most nicely-dressed women loved to wear 'underneath' during the times that I often call 'my fabulous fifties'.
They were such 'subtely erotic' and exciting times, and most of us reading this so often long to go back and 're-visit' those magical times!
Playing with lovely, ladies knickers and other intimate underwear allows for nice, mature-aged men to enter that atmospheric period whenever they wish, or fancy, and I am fully supportive of that wonderful, health-giving pastime.
KM's knickers shown below are lovely, sky blue rayon knickers, which were recently received from Annette's Knickers List.





Above.  This photo of KM wearing those knickers, which look rather like my knickers, gives me the delightful impression that my lodger, KM, is lurking in the shadows, having been suddenly caught out when I have returned home early!
Yes, he
wearing my knickers, my favourite knickers.  Before I went out earlier, I couldn't find my ready laid-out knickers to put on, and all in a rush I had to find another, suitable pair of knickers to wear.  I suspected where my knickers had gone, and was very annoyed. 
Poor KM is now terrified rigid of being discovered, not only wearing my knickers, but also my best corselette and a pair of my stockings, too!  And if I discover him, my personal, intimate underwear is all on full view to me, the very stern woman who he has been spying on at every possible occasion.  And I suspected that, too!
He had learned my routines, and he especially peeped at me at times when I would expect him to be safely in his room, playing with himself!  At those times I would be free to walk about my house undressed to my most intimate underwear!  Eventually I'd make my way up to my bedroom to undress and prepare for bed.  But his room is adjoining my bedroom, and the wicked man has created a very well-disguised spy-hole, and while he has been watching me in my bedroom he has been enjoying himself in very naughty ways!
I leave the rest to your wonderful, fertile, knickers-orientated imaginations, folks, so enjoy! Having actually experienced such knickers-pinching, and also several peeping occasions over the years, I could write some very real stories about naughty KM.  But maybe that's for the Stories Pages.
I'll leave him lurking there in my lovely, long knickers for you all!

Black, lacy Directoire Knickers.                                 ** This Picture was added March 3rd. **
KM is providing another photo of a pair of his lovely knickers, the photo taken this very day.  He was indulging himself by having a Saturday knickers day, and getting a bit carried away.  So out came some 'rings and things,' to enhance some of his favourite pleasures.
Looking carefully I can see some 'pleasure rings' in place, which I have heard can cause some very dramatic explosions.  So with a fertile imagination and a pair of silky knickers over some very neat stockings and suspenders, and some 'pleasure rings' suitably placed inside his knickers, quite a while passes by in comparative silence.  But then comes the inevitable, unstoppable explosion which can be heard
 a full, garden's-width away.
Black knickers are not amongst my preferences, as many of you know, but with the slight see-through effect showing up his suspender belt, and other intimate things, he just passed my test for entry to these pages!  I hope you all enjoy looking at his knickers, too. 


KM is again providing some lovely knickers photos - Stretch-nylon knickers.
These next few photos are of his lovely, stretch-nylon knickers of the sort that were first popular with women in the 1960's.  For a few years all of my ladies wanted to wear them for all occasions, and they almost out-sold my directoire knickers!
Generally, women bought their smallest size stretch-nylon knickers for an exciting stretchy feel that felt very 'different' and exciting.  But for other occasions we often wore the larger knicker-sizes (I certainly loved the bigger size knickers!) as they gave a completely 'different' feel, and having some subtle 'movement' they felt tremblingly exciting all the time!
Stretch-nylon knickers also looked incredibly appealing to us, too, or an onlooker (or a peeper?!), as their little puckers and folds moved so differently to, for instance, silky directoire knickers, and the women reading all this will know exactly what I mean!
I still have some of my own old stretch-nylon knickers from those days, and I've just promised a friend that, before long, my camera will record them for you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

More Stretch-nylon knickers.
This time these lovely knickers are from Fred, a long-standing knickers-customer who lives in Germany.  They were the largest size stretch-nylon knickers that I stocked at the time, and you can see how they are so wonderfully clingy even if you buy them a size or two too large for you, and that is exactly what my ladies did in the sixties.
Stretch-nylon knickers were all the rage for women to wear for those few, exciting years, as mentioned a few pics further up.
We had wonderful times wearing different size stretch-nylon knickers for different occasions, and being really stretchy, they all fitted with a lovely clingy feel.  However, if we wore our lovely, stretch-nylon knickers much too big, they were sometimes too high in their waist.  But that was all part of our fun, often showing each other our knickers where they were showing above the waist-bands of our skirts, when all the men were at work!
Or sometimes we enjoyed removing our skirts in the summer.  Now that was always very exciting, and they were wonderfully 'danger-filled' times, indeed!  Great fun!


Like many of you, JP, loves a whole range of women's intimate underwear, including long, snug-fiitting knickers.  How could any man or woman resist trying on a pair of these long silky knickers?  Or even long cotton knickers, come to that!
Here JP is enjoying some of his collection of very long knickers, and his pleasurable signs are obvious on two of the photos!
There are more of JP's lovely, long knickers to come, and these are just a taster for those men and women who adore wearing very long knickers.




Below:  These are particularly nice, long bloomers, or directoire knickers, depending on which name you like to see or say.  They are very appealing knickers, aren't they?
Years ago I stocked two knicker-leg lengths of directoire knickers, and just before my early time there were three knicker-leg lengths, as well as a host of lovely colours for a woman to choose from.  My tall women absolutely adored their long knickers, and without fail, each time a client visited she would pull the hem of her dress right up and proudly show me her long knickers that she had previously purchased from me.  Whilst telling me how gorgeous her knickers are, she usually gently adjusted her leg-elastics in the slow, time-honoured way that any knicker-loving woman loved to demonstrate her knickers.  There was always so much to talk about our knickers and other beautiful underwear, when our menfolk were away to work!  Those were the days!   
So it's a rare pleasure nowadays to see such lovely, long knickers, and one cannot help imagining pulling those silky knickers up over one's stockinged thighs and gazing tremblingly in the mirror.  And that just the women!  Goodness knows what it's like for JP, or any other nice, knickers-loving man, to wear those women's knickers.  Only the 'evidence' that JP is showing can give a woman a flavour of the pleasures consuming the poor chap!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Below.  Marty is crazy about directoire knickers, (or bloomers if you prefer that delightful old name for them), and I have several pictures of Marty enjoying various knickers from his drawers full of gorgeous, silky knickers. This first photo shows him in an 'interesting' position, and we can all see what's going on, can't we! Can you imagine how that feels?!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is GRJ enjoying a lovely pair of his knickers that he bought from Burnley market some years ago. Don't they look gorgeous, and he must have been feeling absolutely wonderful at that moment. Looking pensively at the photo, it makes me realise once again how fortunate I was to have grown up at a time when most well-dressed women wore directoire knickers of one sort or another, and it was entirely natural that I wore directoire knickers from the beginning, although they were called school knickers until I wore my first, adult women's knickers (size Small Women). Then, all I ever wanted for birthdays and christmas were more and more of those knickers. Luckily, I was surrounded by many older women who delighted in buying me knickers, and they all constantly lifted my skirts to have a good, long look at my knickers, and constantly fondled my knickered bottom! No wonder I have such a good understanding of knickers, and nice men's love of these gorgeous, elastic-leg knickers! GRJ wrote to me today, and I expect to get many more photos from him. He is certainly showing signs of enjoying these lovely, blue knickers, isn't he, and I imagine those silky stockings, too, with their suspenders, are adding much pleasure for him!

GRJ again, and here on another occasion wearing a pair of white, cotton knickers
with very excitingly wide, leg-cuffs.  I know from my own experiences that this sort of knickers feel very exciting and different again to the pleasures of my silky-rayon knickers.
I was telling him that in the eighties, I brought back from Australia some of those lovely quality knickers, and they are still in perfect, wearable condition.
Hopefully he will send us some more, and clearer photos of these lovely cotton knickers very soon, and some more revealing photos of his other knickers. 


This is Sam, who has corresponded with me for some years, enjoying wearing his beautiful, blue knickers, indoors.
Somewhere I have some photos of him wearing his knickers in his garden, and hope to find them soon.


That's all for now, but there are hundreds of up to date photos, and many older photos, all waiting to be sized, named, and so on, before putting here.
Please bear with me, and pop in now and
again to look for more pictures.

This Knickers Page updated:- Mar 11 - 2012.