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This Panties Page is for those people who love ladies, full-fitting panties, and those people who love to see nice men enjoying their panties.
A true, pink text is too 'pastel' to show well in print, so the text colour 'pink'ish' is chosen as the pantie-page colour!
The panties I expect to be shown on this page will generally be either silky nylon, or soft cotton panties, both of which are lovely to wear on the warmer days of the year.
Cuff-leg pantees may appear here, too, and these are gorgeous to wear for all sorts of reasons!  'Say no more'!

Above:  We start our pantie paradise with this 'stitched together' picture of a typical garden scene of times generally long gone, although a few of us still like our intimate underwear to be seen swaying gently in the warm, summer breeze.
Proper clotheslines were better than whirly-lines, I think, as a whole row of a woman's traditional knickers, panties, brassieres, suspender belts, etc, could be contemplated and absorbed by our next door neighbours to their hearts content.  And they were, too!
Meanwhile, I'd see a movement in the nearby bushes.  That told me there was another pair of eyes feasting on my panties!  Women usually knew who the culprit was, so for me it was a case of yet another entrapment, already well pre-planned for my amusement!
Having done it to others before him, it was so easy for me to creep silently up behind my peeping victim and unbalance him onto his back!  Without exception, each tremblng chap has frozen rigid, and been too terrified and guilt-ridden to do anything but stare up my fairly short, white cotton dress, looking way up beyond my foot that was pinning him to the ground.  My well-presented panties-view was well-practiced, too, deliberately planned to reinforce my position of 'entirely in charge'.  I was always confident that I really had him by the 'short and curlies', as we used to say, and that he could never disobey me. 
Of course, it helped by my being an experienced corsetiere and traditional underwear consultant.  As I had always loved a bit of risqué fun, there wasn't much I didn't know about peeping pantie-lovers, and with the prospect of having a new 'pantie-slave' at my beck and call, I had put on a pair of suitable panties to wear so that they closely matched those on my clothesline.
The poor, crimson-faced fellow was devastated at being caught, and with his erection fully on display he felt totally 'shattered for life'!  But penis and pantie-driven, he still always stared up my dress to drink in my full-fitting panties for as long as he dared to, or until I stared into his guilty eyes!  And then I knew that I was not mistaken in any way.
I knew everything that mattered! 
Feigning great anger, and tightly gripping his usually erect or half-erect penis, I quickly led him back through the bushes to my parlour, where he knew he was at my mercy.  My mere mention of telling his wife was enough to keep him forever at my mercy, and -------- !
However, to enlarge upon any of my real experiences will spoil the stories yet to be written out for this site.  But suffice to say, a good time was always had by all.
Those were the days in a certain, remote, country village. 

Here is KM again, but if he gets too prolific I shall find a way to smother him; can't think how, can you?
Oh, pantie-smothering, perhaps?  I do know how to do that, so watch out, KM!
I chose these two panties-photos, taken Jan 28th, because I particularly like really, full-fitting, waist-high panties.  But also because KM really takes great pride in his women's underwear, and seeing his neatly-attached stockings and suspenders pleases me greatly.
To explain; as a corsetry and traditional underwear consultant for several decades, when it comes to women's intimate underwear I have a trained and experienced passion for accuracy and attention to detail and comfort.  My lady clientele relished my high standards so much that they travelled great distances to enjoy my individual attention to their corsetry and intimate underwear needs, and that in turn helped to ensure that my very successful business continued for so long when most others closed down long ago.
The occasional, carefully-vetted man who was allowed to visit me 'after hours' suffered my wrath if he showed any sign of sloppiness when it came to dressing in knickers, in my women's underwear shop, but nevertheless he always returned for more!
In the early days as a young businesswoman, I soon got to enjoy my 'pantie-boys' and 'knicker-boys' in various ways, which shall remain a secret here!  (I have many stories to tell).  But I also developed a very 'teasing' personality that I much enjoy, and which persists today; have you noticed?!  Well, it is great fun to interact with nice, sexy, underwear-loving men, and I have never had any problem with such nice, special men. 


Strong, multi-strap suspender belts are ever so comfy for busy women to wear.
Note how our KM meticulously attaches his stocking-tops to his shiny-metal suspender fittings, just as they should be, and I do like to see that.
However, his panties are much too brief, and I'll make sure he wears proper, full-fitting panties in future!!
'Get over my knees, young man, just as you are!'


This panties-photo is introducing a long-standing friend who is known as Knickerman in intimate underwear circles.  His first love seems to be school knickers, so he may also pop up on a School Knickers page in due course.
In this photo he is wearing just a pair of Monica Panties.  They seem to have come from my Underwear room a while ago, so I need to do a thorough stock check.  Luckily I keep a large stock of these very popular, nylon panties, so I suppose I shan't miss just one pair of silky panties to a deserving cause!  I wonder if he will own up.  But a woman always knows when a man is fibbing about her missing underwear, so 'watch this space'! 


This is Nic J.  Nic loves these panties, (with me, he always calls them knickers!) and I'm hoping to get a lot more photos of him when time permits.
Inside his panties he is wearing some 'additional pleasures' which you can just see shining through!  These particular penis-additions can remain on when having sex!
We can show you more explicit photos of them on an appropriate page in due course.


We have some more, nice, panties pictures coming from Nic.
This one below is placed here where he expresses my opinion on the 'knickers or panties' question!
I prefer proper, full-fitting panties of the size shown above.
Nic likes wearing ladies panties that I feel are far too skimpy for a 'big boy' like him!
However, as he takes such good, large-size photos I shall allow him one or two of his favourite panties in amongst the panties that I prefer, even if he prefers to call them 'knickers'!
Collectively, they are almost all called knickers.  However, in the underwear business, for reasons of identifying what a woman is wanting to wear, most traditional underwear shops call these shown in the two pictures, 'panties'.  We generally refer to most others as knickers, unless they have their own names such as school knickers, french knickers, pantees, and so on. 

This, below, is a very up to date photo, and as you can see by the 'glinting' through the soft cotton of his panties, he is still enjoying his smooth, steel, penis-pleasures!   


Well, these are very nice full-fitting panties, but as you see, Nic has put his foot down, and determined that he will call them knickers.
He likes to make his mark, does Nic, and in more ways than one, too, as I have seen!
Some of his other underwear pictures will have to wait until I open a new page for the more intimate pleasures enjoyed with ladies traditional knickers and panties, but in the meantime I'm sure that most of you will use your wonderfully fertile imaginations and send me your varied, underwear photos.
Photos can be for consideration for any of our traditional underwear pages.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

More later, folks, when I have more photos prepared for the site.
It all takes
far more time than one might expect.

This Page last updated: March 11 - 2012.