I'm not sure what is going on this Extras Page yet, but I have a few extra photos to place at some time, and here is as good as anywhere until I get all the sections sorted.
Any ideas or requests?  Please let me know.
We now have a Page for plastic pants, with rubber pants and suchlike included.  After all, for various reasons, many of us have a few of those sort of pants in our underwear drawers!
A Corsetry page has opened, and that might include corselettes, girdles and suspender belts soon.
Somebody asked for a french knickers page, and although I do not like french knickers, a page for them has commenced, and as they do not properly contain a penis very well, there could be some 'interesting' photos to see!  I guess everyone likes to see a nice penis, in any state of erection?  Is that so?  (Answers on a postcard --- !!)
School knickers pictures are usually requested, so send some pics to me if you like.
With a limit on the number of Index tabs above, there may later have to be sub-pages.
I want a page for men's traditional, soft, white cotton underpants.  Definitely not modern, brief and ugly pants that could be mistaken for swimming trunks or beach shorts, which is 'horrible stuff'.
No, I like the nice 'romantic', pure-white cotton underpants that, in my early times and experiences, were considered almost as 'unmentionable' as were women's knickers, and the whole atmosphere at underwear times was tremblingly exciting in many households!
I loved to catch a nice man undressed to his very private, white underpants.  He was always looking incredibly enbarrassed and vulnerable, and I often contrived to walk in on a friend, visitor or one of my single lodgers.  Seeing me looking down at his underpants he was always self-conscious, and usually terribly worried that his penis was peeping out of his underpants, especially if he had been playing with it ------------- !  It often was peeping out, too, and often more than peeping out, much to his mortification, but I soon put my hand down to put it, and him, at ease.  Well, what could a nice, fun-loving woman do in her own home that included her corsetry and underwear business?  It was the only considerate thing to do, and only natural.  There was always such a very erotic atmosphere in my underwear-saturated house that it was enough to drive any nice man over the top!  Such Wonderful underpants memories, and exciting experiences to write about! 
Below:  The first photo speaks for itself, I think, and as DE told me, he'd really had a good time until he exhausted himself.  Anyone recognise the feeling??


Below:  What a cute and appealing couple of pictures, don't you think?
I can get some more of this sort of picture to grace the new Art page.


Just a saucy little knickers-exposed picture, by TC.
It reminds me that in my fabulous fifties and sexy sixties, many of us ladies would not bother to put anything over our knickers to go down the garden path and hang out our washing.  Sometimes a pinny to keep the splashes off our knickers, but in the warm weather, and enjoying our relaxed, country life, many of us remained undressed to our intimate underwear all day long; until the men came home!
I'm sure that many of the next generations became ardent lovers of knickers from seeing aunties and neighbours scurrying indoors to put an apron or dress over her knickers.
But naturally we all enjoyed being seen in our gorgeous, intimate knickers and brassieres, (even if we would all vehemently deny it in mixed company!)
There always seemed to be a man home from work, though, or maybe a tradesman doing some work for someone, but that simply added to the fun as we all dodged from garden to garden, pretending that we could not see him looking at our knickers at every opportunity!  And undoubtedly, an occasional man would be invited inside and offered favours for discounts!  Well, ain't that human nature, folks?
'Milkman-type stories' abound, don't they, and whenever the baker, postie, or milkie or any one of the many village tradesmen who called in those days, came into our road, some ladies scurried inside to cover her knickers, while others of us enjoyed daring each other to get caught in our knickers!  After all, there was safety in numbers, and the poor chap was then more embarrassed that we were!  Ah, yes, those were the days! 

We now have an 'Underwear Art' Page, so these will be moved across there soon.